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Help us spread hope and healing

You can make a difference!


Hope saves lives

After one visit with a Newfoundland Therapy dog, patients' disposition and mood increased by 37%!

When a massive Newfoundland approaches a hospital, the reaction our volunteers receive is unimaginable! Patients and their families, young and old, call out. Children crying in pain and patients with little hope seemed to brighten up and wipe their tears away when they saw a therapy dog. Even the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and first responders, wrap their arms around the dogs... as if they can pour their stress and exhaustion into the giant, gentle animal. Post-9/11 veterans are experiencing increased levels of trauma, but so few seek help. Heroes like this don't need to seek our help. We go to them.

Students are experiencing depression and anxiety at never before seen rates, and the teachers and school support services who help them are overworked and burnt out.

A therapy animal can reduce PTSD symptoms by as much as 82%!

Interacting with a therapy animal for just a few minutes increases oxytocin levels, creating the sensation of happiness and joy, and healing.

But we can't help those who suffer, without you.