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Newfoundland Therapy Dogs spread Joy

There is something so majestic and loving, in the way these giant, compassionate animals connect with the people they meet.

More than ever, these special therapy dogs are in demand. Exhausted doctors and nurses, find stress relief when they hug a massive Newfoundland. We visit fire and EMS stations, where our local heroes can relax in the calming presence of these gentle, living teddy bears. Veterans forget the wounds of past wars and adults and small children, battling cancer or brain tumors, forget their pain and hopelessness as they pat the silky soft, long hair of a Newfoundland therapy dog.

In situations where Covid restricts in person access, we've even created a first of it's kind Newfoundland dog adult coloring therapy kit. For just $15 per month, you can support sharing these kits with heroes every month.

Just gazing into the soulful eyes of a Newfie therapy dog, can ease the anguish of an otherwise difficult day.

But we can't do it, without you...